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To ensure that each student learns the curriculum according to his or her pace and learning pace and learning style.

- Uses a variety of pedagogical strategies and resources to respond to the diverse needs of students.
- Uses a variety of support tools to ensure equitable participation of all students in a structured environment.
- Teaches problem solving, thinking, analysis and questioning.
- Adjusts to individual student needs through Differentiated Instruction.
- Creates an appropriate physical environment with procedures and routines that stimulate learning.
- Establishes a climate that promotes equity and respect, both with students and parents. parents.

Los colegios de la red Cognita siempre se comprometen a proteger y promover el bienestar de los niños y adolescentes a su cargo, y espera que todos los empleados, voluntarios y terceros compartan este compromiso. Las políticas de Reclutamiento Seguro se llevarán a cabo antes de confirmar cualquier contratación


  • · Professional education (minimun)
  • · Experience: 2 years in teaching
  • · English level: C2


The selection process is done through AIRA - a recruitment platform designed to enhance your application experience.

To apply you only need to:
1. Apply to the offer
2. Check your email
3. Login to AIRA and answer the questions and/or tests requested.

Then, if we see that your profile fits what we are looking for, we will contact you by mail (through AIRA).


Redcol is a network that currently groups nine schools in seven cities in the country, with more than 6,200 students. It is the result of a path traveled by educators and businessmen from different sectors, who believe in education and in the formation of integral beings to be able to assume the destiny of Colombia and Latin America. (view more)