Bilingual Remote Contact Specialist

Millennia Solutions
Medio tiempo
$13,150 - $15,000 COP Por hora
Buscando for personal bilingue para contact center remoto. 
1. Debe ser bilingue 
2. Tener por lo menos 25mb o mas de internet. (Ethernet cable connection required)
3. Espacio libre de ruidos

Basic Requirements
  1. Reliable computer with camera, sound card, Ethernet port.  WiFi connection not permitted. 
  2. Headphones 3.5mm plug in
  3.  The latest version of  Google Chrome?
  4.  dedicated office space that is quiet and distraction-free
  5. Salary Offer: $3.50 per hour(13,150) / training.  $4.00 (15,000) after training   (10% PR Retention) Weekly payment via paypal or xoom
  6. If position is offered, 25 hours training to determine if you're a good fit.
Click on the link to apply: https://www.millennia.solutions/careers.html

Este trabajo está cerrado.